Notion to Asana Integration - Setup and Use

Quickly set up Asana to receive tasks from Notion and keep them in sync.

Setup Steps Overview

TaskClone enhances productivity by automatically transferring action items from your notes to your task app or calendar via "Connections". This article provides an overview with links to detailed guides for each step of Initial Setup.

Step 1. - How TaskClone works

Summarizes how TaskClone works and introduces the questions Initial Setup answers

  1. What is your source app for action items?
  2. What type of action items to transfer?
  3. Where in the source app should we search for these action items?
  4. What is your destination app for action items?
  5. Where in the destination app should we insert the action items?

Step 2. Configure source app

Answers questions 1 - 3

  • Select source app. Pick Notion
  • Authorize access. Authorize TaskClone to extract Notion action items and update their status
  • Select action item type.  Select to-dos or note titles as the action item for this connection to process
  • Select identification method. Select whether we will identify tasks by searching in all or specific notebooks, or whether you’ll specifically designate which individual action items to process
  • Select note search criteria. If the identification method is “search criteria”, select the notebook filter to apply.

Step 3. Configure destination app

Answers questions 4-5

  • Select destination app. Pick Asana
  • Authorize access. Authorize TaskClone to create Asana tasks and update their status 
  • Select destination details. Select the location in Asana where tasks will go (e.g. Inbox)

Basic Usage

Basic usage is incredibly simple, but depends on whether you selected to-dos or note titles as the action item for this connection.

The Process

Copy to-dos to Asana.  Simply start a line with a to-do list checkbox and the text after the checkbox will be copied to the location in Asana you specified. 

Copy note titles to Asana.  Simply add a title to your note and this title will be copied to the location in Asana you specified.

What Happens

TaskClone also proactively checks your Notion account for updates on a regular basis (currently every 15 minutes).  If updates are found, TaskClone immediately processes to-dos or note titles based on the criteria set for the Connection in Step 2 above.

By default, TaskClone adds two additional benefits by:

  • Updating the completion status of tasks in both directions
  • Adding a link in the task to Notion app and Notion web so you can easily move from the task to the note for reference.

Among the many settings in Sync Details, you can modify how completion status is synced and which note links are provided.

📌 Note. To minimize the risk of processing your note while you are still typing your action items, TaskClone attempts to delay processing until we detect you have ended your editing session. This may result in action items not being processed for some time after initially entered.

Advanced Usage

TaskClone offers advanced features, some needing pre-configuration and others usable directly within your notes. See below for the most popular and our full Feature List for even more ways to enhance your Notion to Asana Integration.

  • Two-way status sync.  Simply mark an item complete in Notion or Asana and it is marked complete in the other app.

  • Add due dates and more.  Using our special syntax, add due dates, tags and members to your Asana tasks based on what you type in Notion.

  • Skip tasks.  Using our special syntax, you can indicate which tasks you want to skip

  • Specify an alternative destination.  Once you’ve set up two or more destinations, you can use our special syntax to send an individual action item to a different destination than the other action items in the note. You can also set up a connection to only process individual action items you specifically designate using our special syntax.

Special Considerations

Coming soon.

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