2. Configure Source App

Select and configure your source app to ensure we capture the right action items.

Select Source App

After you sign up for TaskClone, Initial Setup begins with selecting the source app where action items originate. Simply click on the icon/name of the app to select it.

Authorize access

Once you select the source app, you will be redirected to the source app to grant TaskClone the ability to:

  • Read notes - used to find action items
  • Write to notes - used to mark items complete or create testing notes
  • Query notes - used to identify notes matching your selected criteria

You may be prompted to login to the source app first. Be sure you're logged in to the account you want to use with TaskClone. Once logged in, you’ll be prompted to grant access which will look slightly different for each source app. For example, Notion requires you select which pages to initially give TaskClone access to.

Review the authorization request and click the button indicated to grant authorization.

Select action item type

Once authorized to access your notes, select the type of action item for this connection to process. Remember, you can add additional connections later. Depending on the source app, you have the following options:

  • To-dos - checklist items within the note
  • Notes titles - The title of the note
  • Reminders - Evernote Reminders (Evernote only)

Select identification method

Select the method TaskClone will use to identify the action items to be processed.

For to-dos and note titles, you have a choice:

  • Search criteria - used to search your account for matching notes and process all action items in that note
  • Designated - only process specific to-dos or note titles you indicate in the note by using the connection name. Learn more

For Evernote Reminders, TaskClone uses the search criteria you select to filter the notes it will search for Reminders.

Select note search criteria

If you selected "Search Criteria" as your identification method, you now must provide the criteria. Each source app has its own search criteria based on its organization structure (e.g. notebooks, sections, tags). TaskClone gives three options for each one:

  • All - Search notes with any value for this criteria
  • Include Only - Search only notes that include the selected values
  • Exclude Only - Search only notes that exclude the selected values

Only notes that match both criteria are processed.

💡 Tip. Sections are treated as a subset of notebooks meaning only sections that are within a notebook are shown.

After completing this step, click the Continue button.

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