Copy to-dos to my task app

TaskClone was created for this use case and it couldn’t be more simple.

TL;DR.  Add or Edit your connection(s) with to-dos as your action item and we’ll automatically send them to their destination based on your settings. 

What is a to-do in your source app?

Not as simple a question as you might think.  Different source apps use different names and even have different types of to-dos.  TaskClone processes the text that follows to-dos as indicated in the table below.

Source App To-do Name
Evernote Checklist
Notion To-do list
OneNote To-Do tag

Outside of this article, we may use todo, to-do, checklist and task interchangeably because most apps do the same thing, but remember the table above if you have questions.

📌 Note. At this time Evernote has not granted developers access to their Evernote Tasks feature.  Evernote also has legacy “checkboxes” which TaskClone does not support. 

How do I copy the to-dos to my task app?

By default, TaskClone processes all the to-dos in a note.  Simply begin each to-do on a separate line where the checkbox is the first thing on that line (e.g. not inside a bulleted or numbered list). 

You can add new to-dos to the note at any time.  TaskClone periodically checks notes that match your connection criteria and processes any unprocessed to-dos to the destination indicated.

What next?

Learn how you can treat individual to-dos differently, add more information to tasks and manage syncing task status - TaskClone Features List.

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