Add due dates and destination parameters

Easily add details in your notes that are transferred to your task app or calendar.

Source apps typically only support text for action items, but destination apps typically have many parameters for tasks or events (e.g., due dates, tags/labels, priority, assignees).  TaskClone can help you turn the text you type in your source into meaningful parameters in your destination.

How destination parameters work

Each parameter is added to your action items using a specific symbol + parameter (e.g. @tomorrow) that TaskClone then converts to the parameter in your destination.

For the destination apps with a Sync Method of API, we support the following destination parameters:

  • Due dates
  • Tags/Labels
  • Priority level
  • People (e.g. assignees)

Please see our list of Supported Apps for specifics on which parameters are supported by your destination apps.  

πŸ“Œ Note.  If your destination app has an API, but TaskClone is not using it, we are probably working on it already.  Please contact us if you have questions.  If your destination does not have an API (i.e. the Sync Method is email), please see Using TaskClone with Email as some destination apps support adding parameters via email.

Using destination parameters in your notes

To use destination parameters in your notes, there are two steps:

  1. After the text of your action item, add the pipe β€œ | ” symbol separated by a space on each side
  2. Add whatever parameters you want in any order separated by a space and using their specific symbol with no space between the symbol and the parameter.

Example with one parameter

Symbol reference



Due date


@tomorrow, @3/18/1970


#books, #wish_list


!, !!, !!!, !!!!


+Bill_Ball, +Jason,

πŸ’‘ Tip. TaskClone looks up the parameters in your destination account and cannot create new parameters. 

Example with all parameters

Special considerations by parameter

Due Dates

You can enter either words (e.g. tomorrow) or specific dates (e.g. 11-30-2023). If you enter a specific date, make sure to use the date format in your profile.


Use the underscore β€œ_” symbol to indicate a space in tags/labels within your destination account (e.g. #wish_list for β€œwish list”).

Priority Level

TaskClone maps the number of exclamation points "!" to the number of priority levels that exist in your destination app:

  • ! = 1st priority
  • !! = 2nd priority
  • !!! = 3rd priority
  • !!!! = 4th priority

All currently supported apps have four or less levels, but if your app has less than 4 levels, just stay within the number of levels provided by your app.


During processing, TaskClone searches your destination account for the people you indicate in your action item the same way you would search within the destination app. Some use short names (e.g. Bill), while others use email addresses (e.g. while still other use full names or usernames. Use the underscore β€œ_” symbol to indicate a space in names (e.g. +Bill_Ball for "Bill Ball").

See our Feature Syntax Guide for a more detailed explanation of all the different types of syntax and related features.

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