Set Sync Details

Customize synchronization settings and exactly how each task will show in your destination.

📌 Note. Not all sync details are available for every source and destination app combination.  See our Supported Apps article for guidance.  Also, sync settings only control future synchronization, not past synchronization events.

What are Sync Details

There are two types of sync details:

  1. Custom attributes.  Connection-specific attributes that will apply to each action item sent to the destination to add or organize the information in your destination app.
  2. Sync Behavior.  Determines how completion status will sync between source and destination.

How to access and edit sync details

To access and edit sync details, Click the Sync Details tab from Connection Editor.  To edit the sync details, simply make edits to the form on the tab.  Changes are automatically saved. 

Prepend to task

This feature allows you to add text and source-specific parameters that are prepended to the title of each action item prior to sending to the destination.  The Prepend to Task section has three areas to for configuration.

  1. Preview pane. Here you can see a visual representation of what the action item text will look like in your destination based on the text in the Input form mentioned below.
  2. Input form.  Here you can add text or use the “+” symbol to add any available note-specific parameters that will be applied during processing (e.g. notebook, note title). 
  3. On/Off toggle.  You can turn this feature on or off by clicking the on/off toggle

Append to task

In addition to adding text and source-specific parameters via Prepend to task, you can use Append to task to add destination-specific parameters to each action item.  Parameters available differ by destination, so see Supported Apps to confirm support for the following three parameters:

  1. Due date.  Entered using “@” + date with no space between (e.g. @tomorrow, @03-18-2024). Full dates must be entered in your selected date format.
  2. Tags/Labels.  Entered using “#” + tag name with no space between.  Up to 3 tags can be added with a space between each (e.g. #sales #Evernote).  Tags must already exist in the destination app to be applied.
  3. Priority. Entered using "!" symbol(s) with no space between (e.g. “!!!”). "!" = 1st or highest priority, "!!" = 2nd priority, "!!!" = 3rd priority and "!!!!" = 4th priority. TaskClone will convert these symbols into the priority system of your destination app.

As with Prepend to task, this feature has an On/Off toggle to turn it on or off.

📌 Note. The syntax used in Append to task to modify all action items for a connection can also be used in your notes to apply to individual action items instead all action items for the connection. Adding any parameters directly in your note will override all Append to Task settings.  Learn more in Add due dates and destination parameters.

To quickly get the context of a specific action item, you can select whether to include links back to the originating source app that will be added to the action item in the destination, usually in a “notes” or “description” section.

  • Browser links.  Open in a web browser
  • Device links.  Open in the mobile or desktop app if supported

📌 Note. Whether links are clickable in the destination app is a function of destination-app support (browser links) and operating system support (device links).  We do our best to provide a destination-specific link to address these differences, but cannot account for operating system settings or a destination’s lack of support. Learn more.

Sync Behavior

Simply click the on/off toggles to control whether TaskClone syncs completion status between source and destination.  You can choose to sync completions that occur in either app, one app or neither app.  

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