3. Configure Destination App

Select and configure your destination app to ensure action items are sent to the right place

Select destination app

Simply search and click on the icon/name of the app to select it.

Once you select your destination app, you will be redirected to the next step based on the "Sync Method" we have with that app.

Sync Methods

API. A direct connection allowing two-way sync of completion status and detailed customization.

Email. An indirect connection using the internal ability of certain apps to automatically convert incoming emails into tasks. Sync of completion status and some customizations are not available for these apps.

Authorize access and select destination details (API only)

Authorize access

For API method apps, you will be prompted to authorize access to your account. You log in to your desired account first. Then, click the authorization button indicated to give TaskClone the ability to create and update action items in your destination app.

Select destination details

After you authorize access, you will be prompted to select where to place action items within the destination app (e.g. project, list, calendar, card).

After you complete your selections, click the Finish button to complete Initial Setup.

Enter destination email (Email only)

If you are prompted to enter a destination email, it means our integration works by sending an email to your destination app that it will convert into a task. However, before proceeding with this step, see our Email Support Table to determine which type of email integration your destination app supports ("Unique" or "Registered") and how to register, if needed.

The Email Support Table also links to instructions to find the email address needed from within your destination app account. Please input just the email address without any brackets, quotation marks or additional text (e.g. username.1234@todoist.com).

After you input the email address, click the Finish button to complete Initial Setup.

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