Feature Syntax Guide

Use our simple, but powerful syntax to customize how TaskClone works

Why Feature Syntax?

By default, TaskClone processes every action item in a note to the destination indicated for the connection. To help you save even more time and be more productive, we offer the ability to customize each action item in the following ways:

  • Skip the task. If you don't want a particular task sent.
  • Designate the destination. If you want only a specific action item sent or sent to a different destination that other action items in the note.
  • Add "destination parameters. add text to the action item that is converted to parameters in the destination (e.g. due date, assignees, priority, attendees, tags/labels). See Supported Apps for app-specific support for destinations using the Sync Method = API.

In addition to the ability to add default text and parameters to all action items of a connection, the ability to customize how we process each action item gives you much more control and flexibility.

Structure of an action item

Normally you type an action item in your notes starting with a checkbox and the title of the action item that we will send to your destination. However, to take advantage of our feature syntax, you must separate the action item title from the special instructions by adding a pipe " | " symbol in between and separated by a space on each side.

After the pipe " | " symbol divider, you add the special instructions, each separated by a space.

Skip an action item

To skip an action item, simply add three (3) asterisks "***" after the pipe " | " symbol for that action item.

Designated and Alternate destinations

To designate the connection you want to process an action item, simply add the greater than symbol ">" + the name of the connection you want to process the action item with no space in between.

The connection name you specify must be connected to the same source app account as the note where you are inputting the action item.

This feature is used when you only want to process action items you designate and you've set up the connection to skip all other action items. It's also used when you want to specify an alternate destination from the one that the other tasks in the note will go.

Add destination parameters

Probably the most powerful is to add parameters for your destination app by typing them directly in your source app. For task apps, we support due dates, tags/labels, priority and assignee/collaborator. For calendars, we support attendees.

Each parameter has a special symbol and you can add one or many destination parameters by just adding a space between them. You can even add up to 5 tags/labels and people to the same action item.

We have separate articles with details destination parameters for task apps and destination parameters for calendars. Please see our list of Supported Apps for specifics on which parameters are supported by your destination apps.  

📌 Note.  If your destination app has an API, but TaskClone is not using it, we are probably working on it already.  Please contact us if you have questions.  If your destination does not have an API (i.e. the Sync Method is email), please see Using TaskClone with Email as some destination apps support adding parameters via email.

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