Schedule events in my calendar

TaskClone can turn your to-dos into events in your calendar.

TL;DR.  Simply select a calendar application as your destination when you add a connection and TaskClone will use AI to convert event information in your action items into events in your calendar.

Convert action items into events

You simply write the event as part of the action item and TaskClone’s AI will convert the relevant text to parameters for the event in your calendar.

For example, TaskClone will convert “Meeting with Diana November 23rd at 2pm” into an event on November 23rd beginning at 2pm and entitled “Meeting with Diana”.

Using the “+” symbol of our special syntax (e.g., you can add attendees to the event as well. See Feature Syntax Guide for details.

Specify which action items to convert into events

First, TaskClone can process both to-dos and note titles as events

Second, by default TaskClone attempts to process all action items in all notes that match the criteria you set for a given connection.  However, we know sometimes a note has both to-dos for a task app and events for a calendar.  You can handle this situation in the following ways.

  1. Setup the connection to only process action items that are "designated" with the name of the connection using the “>” symbol (e.g. >connection_name) - Best if most action items will not be events. Learn more.

  1. Skip action items in your note you don’t want processed by using three “***” symbols after the action item text - Best if most action items will be events. Learn more.

  1. Specify a different connection name for action items that you don’t want processed as an event (e.g. >other_connection) - Best if most action items will be events and you want other action items processed to other destinations. Learn more.

Also, see our Feature Syntax Guide for specifics on the symbols and how to use them.

💡 Tip. While we create default connection names when a connection is created, you can change them to shorter or more descriptive names you will remember (e.g. GCal or ON-to-TD).


  • Currently our AI algorithm only supports English for converting text to event parameters.
  • There is no “completion status” sync between sources and calendars
  • You can add up to 5 event attendees as indicated above
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