Access and change your client profile information.

Be sure to use the "Save" button when updating information in the Personal Information section.


We're a small company and we like to think of you, not as a "user" but a client. Photos are part of that experience. If you sign-in via Google, we add the associated image to your profile. You can also click the "Change Picture" button to add or replace an image associated with you.

Account Email

You won't typically need to change your account email address, but you can do it here. Be careful! You won't be able to login if you incorrectly input the new email address.


When you sign up for TaskClone, we request your name so we can communicate in a more personable way. We'll use your first name in most of our communications. You can change that here.


We use your timezone for many purposes, including:

When you sign-up, we set an initial timezone, but you should check it and change to reflect your preferences if necessary.

Date Format

Similar to your timezone, the date format allows us to convert due dates and event information entered in your action items to the correct format and time in your destination app. Please select among the available options and be sure to use that format when entering due dates or event information in your action items.

Change password

Change your password here by entering old and new with confirmation. Be sure to click the "Change Password" button to complete the process.

Delete account

While we attempt to resolve all concerns, it's easy to delete your account using the button indicated if needed. We know from experience that most concerns are quickly resolved, so we'd much prefer you contact us so we can ensure you get the benefits that led you to try TaskClone initially.

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