Activity Log

Use the activity log to keep track of action items processed by TaskClone.

What is the Activity Log?

The Activity Log is a chronological record of every action we process for you. You can use it to answer the following questions:

  • What action item was processed
  • Where did it come from and where did it go
  • What is the current status
  • When was it processed
  • Which connection was used to process the action item

The Log is sorted in reverse chronological order of the actions taken.

Activity Log Columns

App Updated / App Synced

These columns show the icon of the app that initiated the change (app updated) and the app that received the update (app synced)

Action Item Text

This column shows the text of the action item entered into your source app. It is a hyperlink that will open a new browser tab containing the note where the action item came from.


This column shows a label indicating the action that occurred. If the item was completed, you'll see a small down arrow to the right of the label. Click the arrow and a new row will show where you can find the time the action was created in the Date column.


This column shows the date and time the Action was taken. It is shown using the timezone indicated in your profile.

Connection Name

This column indicates the connection used to process the action item. It is a hyperlink that will open the connection so you can review the settings used to process the action item.

Activity Log Search

The Search allows you to search the Activity Log by action item text and watch as the rows are instantly filtered to match your search.

Activity Log Filter

The time-based filter can limit the amount of action items retrieved to make items easier to find.

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