Add or remove note links from action items

Link to your source note from your destination to get context on your action items

By default, TaskClone attempts to add links back to the originating note as part of the action items it sends to your destination.  For those source apps with a web app (e.g. browser) and device app (e.g. Windows), TaskClone attempts to send both links so you can open the note in the app of your choice.

In the Sync Details tab, you can edit this behavior as indicated below.

Things you should know

  • Some destinations do not support adding additional information like note links.
  • Note links typically appear in the notes, comments or description section of an action item in your destination. 
  • Whether a note link is clickable or not is based on the capabilities of the destination (e.g. Todoist) and settings of the operating system (e.g. Windows).  We have attempted to customize our links to match those capabilities, including the use of shortened URLs (e.g. to keep long note links short.
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