Edit a Connection

After Initial Setup, you can always edit your first connection or any new connection you create.

Open the connection editor

From the Connections page of the Dashboard, click the “See Details” link of the connection you want to open.

Once you click the “See Details” link, the connection editor will open to a page with 4 tabs, initially set to the Connection Summary tab. You will also see 3 other tabs; the Source Setup and Destination Setup tabs allow you to change the same settings made during Initial Setup (e.g. Source app Search Criteria). The Sync Details tab allows you to customize many aspects of the process and deserves its own article - See Sync Details.

📌 Note. The Source and Destination Setup tabs let you change settings, not the app account for those settings. If you want to change the app account of a connection, you'll instead need to delete the connection and add a new one.

Connection Summary tab

The Connection Summary tab summarizes all aspects of the connection, including Source Setup, Destination Setup and Sync Details. From the Connection Summary tab, you can:

  • Edit the connection name
  • Pause the connection
  • Delete the connection

Edit the connection name

Simply click into the field and overwrite the existing name. Names can include alphanumeric characters and the dash (“-”) symbol. The new name will automatically be saved when you click away from the connection name field.

💡 Tip. Be sure to choose a memorable name if you intend to use it to specify the destination of specific tasks,

Pause the connection

Click the Pause button once to pause the connection. Pausing means no updates will be made based on that connection. Once you click “Pause” the button will change to “Resume”. Click “Resume” button to again process updates based on the connection.

Delete the connection

Click the Delete button to delete the connection. You will be prompted to confirm before the connection is permanently deleted.

Edit connection details

From the Connection Summary page, you can jump to Source Setup, Destination Setup or Sync Details in multiple ways.

  • Click the “Edit” button to jump to the first step - Source Setup section
  • Click any tab at the top of the page to jump to that specific section
  • Click any of the “Edit icons” in the Connection Summary to jump to that section

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