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What is a connection?

A connection represents answers to the following questions:

  • What is your source app for action items?
  • What type of action items to sync?
  • Where in that source app should we look for these action items?
  • What is your destination app for action items?
  • Where in the destination app should we place the action items?

Once you configure these details, we create a Connection Card to symbolize those details.

The Connection Card

The connection card summarize some key details about the connection. From top to bottom, there are several items in this summary.

Connection Status

All connections begin as Active, but you can edit it to Pause the connection so it doesn't process notes. We also use the Connection Status to notify you of errors.

Last sync

You can see the last time TaskClone checked your source app based on the criteria of the connection. This could be based on notification from your source app or our periodic schedule.

Default Status

The small star icon is set to gold to indicate your "default" connection and gray for every other connection. If you have more than one connection, click any gray star to make that connection your "default". Depending on your subscription plan, TaskClone will only process your default connection.

Connection Name

By default, TaskClone names your connection with an abbreviation for the source app and a number (e.g. ON-5). You can always edit it.

Source icon

The icon on left.

Destination icon

The icon on right.

See Details link

Click this link to open the full details of the connection or edit the connection.

Connection Search

The connection search instantly filters the connection cards by the connection names that match your search.

Activity Summary

See at a glance how many action items have been create and completed per week, month and year. If you want full details, click the "Activity Details" link to go to the Activity Log.

Add a New Connection

Click the Add Connection button to initiate the process to create a new connection.

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