TaskClone 2.0 is here

After a complete rewrite lasting over a year, we’re excited to launch a new TaskClone with features we only dreamed about when we first began this labor of love over 10 years ago. 

Key new features

  • Two-way sync. TaskClone can now sync the completion status of tasks in both directions between your source and destination apps (See supported apps).
  • Add due dates and more.  You can add due dates, priority, labels/tags and assignees to created tasks based on what you type in your source app (See supported apps).
  • Specify the destination of individual tasks.  You can specify the destination of individual tasks allowing you to send some to your task app and others to your calendar.  You can even skip tasks you don’t want processed.
  • Multiple accounts. Have more than one account with a source or destination app? No problem. Set up as many accounts as you need.
  • Support for Notion as a source app

These are the headline features, but you can see our full Features List for the details.

Transition from TaskClone 1.0

Because TaskClone 2.0 is a completely new application, TaskClone 1.0 clients will need to set up new integrations, but everything is so much easier and we of course have updated our Support Center with all the details.  You'll be able to login using the email address of your existing TaskClone 1.0 account, but you’ll need to reset your password unless you use Google login.  Your existing TaskClone subscription plan has already been transferred in most cases, but contact us if you have any difficulties.

If you’re not ready to transition, TaskClone 1.0 will be kept live through March 31, 2024 at which point it will be shut down.  On the login page, there will be a separate link to login to TaskClone 1.0 at https://apps.taskclone.com/signups/login

What else should you know?

  • Usage differences. To enable two-way sync and other features, TaskClone 2.0 operates a bit differently, primarily through the use of “Connections” that specify the integration between a single source and destination.  Depending on your subscription plan, you can create unlimited connections.  To see all major differences with TaskClone 1.0 see Usage Overview.
  • Subscription plans.  Despite all the new features and capabilities, we are not raising prices.  No plan will lose features and most plans gain several new capabilities.  To see how the new features are distributed among our subscription plans, see Plans and Pricing.

As always, if you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact us.

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