Security and Privacy Q&A

We don't store your notes, passwords or financial information.  That's the first thing to know.

Do you store my login information for Evernote or other services?

A: No.  You login directly to the service you want to connect (e.g. Evernote, OneNote, Google) and they provide us an access token which we store with bank-grade encryption.  You can revoke access to these tokens at any time directly from these services and it will not impact your login information to those services.  Your TaskClone password is also encrypted, which is why we can't send you a lost password, we can only allow you to change it.

Do you read all my notes?

A: No.  Most source apps notify us when you make changes to your notes.  Our algorithm then gets a copy of the note, extracts the task information and sends it along.  All of this happens in less than 30 seconds.   We do keep the information needed for the Activity Log, but don't look at it unless requested by a client to provide support.

Is my information protected online in transit?

A: Your communication with TaskClone and our communication with services uses industry-standard secured connections (SSL).  You should see the green lock in the address bar of your browser indicating this secure connection.

How do you handle my financial information?

A: We don't.  We use Paypal or Stripe for all financial transactions.  You don't need a Paypal or Stripe account as they can process credit card payments without need for a separate account.  We direct you to these services and they notify us when payment is made. This provides additional to security to you and us. However, if you ever have questions, come to us first and we'll interface with them to make sure you are satisfied.

For more information, see our  Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

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