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What are Teams

Teams allow for centralized management of a group of TaskClone accounts with each account representing an individual. TaskClone Teams is available during our free trial and afterwards on our our Business Plan.

Each member of the Team will have a TaskClone Business Plan paid by the Team Owner.

Create a Team

Teams are listed in the My Account section of the dashboard and can also be accessed in the left panel menu. Click the "+ Create Team" button to create your first team.

Give the team a name and a unique id before clicking the "Save Details" button.

Invite Members

Once your team is created, you can invite new members via email. If those invited don't have a TaskClone account, they'll be asked to sign up. Afterwards, they will be given the opportunity to accept the invitation.

You can initially assign members the role of Member or Administrator. Only an administrator can invite and manage members or change the team name.

Until a member accepts the invitation, their email appears in the "Pending Invitations" section of the team's page. You can resend or cancel pending invitations.

Manage Members

Once an invitation is accepted, the member and her role will be listed in the Team Members section of the Teams Page. Clicking on the email address of the member will open the details for that member.

Administrators and owners of the Team can update a member's role or remove them from the team.

Payments for Teams

All members of a team must be on a Business Plan. Beyond our free trial, you will not be able to create teams without a Business Plan. If you add team members, the owners account will automatically be billed for those additional team members. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions.

Delete Team

Only an owner can delete a team. The button to do so appears at the bottom of the team's page.

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