Account Overview

Click the "My Account" menu item in the upper right to access key information about your account.

Account Summary

If you are on our free trial, you will see when it expires and a button "View Plans" to upgrade to a paid plan.

If you are already on a paid plan you will see which plan, when it expires and a button to "Manage Plan" linking to payment gateway that allows you to change your plan, view invoices, change your payment information and cancel your plan.

If you are on our Business Plan, you'll also see any team members that are paid through your account with a total yearly cost for all members, including yourself.

TaskClone Email

For many apps that do not have an API or we haven’t yet built a direct API connection, we can send tasks via email. A small number of these apps require you register the sending email address before they will process any incoming emails from that address. We show your unique "TaskClone Email Address" in the Account Overview (in the format You can easily copy the address here to register in your destination app if needed.

Learn more about using TaskClone with email.

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