TaskClone Plans Detail and Pricing

Some folks like to see our plan features in a table format, so here it is.  Our 14-day free trial comes with all features of our Max Plan.

Feature Basic Plus Premium Max
Create tasks in an Evernote Master Task list from to-dos in any note
Create tasks in an external task app from to-dos in any note (e.g. Todoist)
Create tasks in an external task app from note titles
Create Google Calendar  events from to-dos in any note*
Create Google Calendar events from Evernote Reminders*
Evernote Business supported
Number of external destinations supported (task apps or projects) 0 1 5
Monthly Cost (paid annually) $0.00 $1.25 $1.66 $2.08

Note:  All subscriptions are paid annually.  Monthly cost shown for comparison purposes only.  You can upgrade your plan at any time.

* In addition to our direct support for Google Calendar, we can help you sync that calendar with Outlook, Apple and other calendars.