App Setup - IFTTT iOS Reminders

TaskClone Setup for apps requiring iOS Reminders

Each TaskClone account has a unique "user_id" and TaskClone Email address formatted as (e.g.  We will provide your unique TaskClone Email address during our setup process. We send tasks from this TaskClone Email to the Destination Email you provide (see process diagram below).

Some task apps cannot directly convert emails into tasks, but can convert iOS Reminders into tasks.  Using a free service called IFTTT (IF This Then That), we can send TaskClone Emails to your Gmail account and IFTTT will convert them to iOS Reminders which your task app can convert to tasks.  Sounds complicated, but is quite easy. The following apps are known to have this requirement:

If your app has this requirement, please do the following:

  1. Create a free IFTTT account. You will need to download and install the IFTTT app on your iOS device(s).  Note: Be sure to allow the IFTTT app access to "Reminders" in iOS Settings. 
  2. Use our IFTTT Recipe - Convert TaskClone Emails to iOS Reminders.  You can search for this recipe within the IFTTT iOS app.
  3. In IFTTT, enter your TaskClone Email (e.g.  The Reminder title is already set to email subject.
  4. Setup your task app to enable conversion of iOS Reminders.  IFTTT will create an "IFTTT" list in your Reminders app you will use for this setup. See setup instructions above for specific apps.
  5. In TaskClone setup, enter your Gmail address as the Task App Email for TaskClone to send your tasks (e.g.

Once configured, all TaskClone Emails will be sent to your Gmail account where IFTTT will convert them to iOS Reminders.  Your task app should then convert the iOS Reminders to tasks.  Note: TaskClone sends emails immediately, but there may be a delay because IFTTT only processes every 15 minutes or so.  Also note, the iOS Reminder does not support a note link back to Evernote.

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