App Setup - Evernote Email

Some task apps cannot directly convert emails into tasks, but instead convert Evernote notes into tasks. Using Evernote's ability to convert emails to notes, TaskClone can work with these apps. If you are not familiar, see Evernote's Knowledgebase Article on finding and using your Evernote Email to create notes.

The following task apps are known to require Evernote Email to work with TaskClone:

If your task app has this requirement, do the following:

During Quick Start Setup, enter your Evernote Email as the Destination Email.

Your task app may also require that notes created have a specified notebook or tag.  In TaskClone Setup, you can enter @your_notebook or #your_tag in the  Task App Defaults field to set a specific notebook or tag for each note.  

Note: You will need to add these after TaskClone Quick Start setup.   Our tutorial will show you how.

Once configured, TaskClone Emails will be sent to your Evernote Email to create notes.  Your task app should convert those notes into tasks.