App Setup - Email Registration

TaskClone works by sending each task from a  TaskClone Email to the Destination Email you provide.  Your TaskClone Email is unique to your TaskClone account. Some task apps require you register this email address with their app/service before they will accept email coming from us. 

If our List of Supported Apps indicates your task app requires Email Registration, please do the following:

Identify your TaskClone Email. During Quick Start Setup, your TaskClone Email will be provided to you if you select an app that requires email registration.  After Quick Start setup, your TaskClone Email is in the Account Info section of the Settings page. The format is where "1234" is your TaskClone account ID.

Register your TaskClone Email. Each task app has a different process, but this is usually under their account settings.  If your task app sends a verification email to your TaskClone Email address, we automatically forward it to you so you can click the verification link.

Simply  contact us if you ever have any difficulty.