App Setup - Zapier Conversion

TaskClone normally works by using email to send each task from a unique TaskClone Email to the Destination Email you provide for your task app.  Unfortunately, some tasks apps cannot convert email into tasks.  Luckily, you can use a service called Zapier to convert TaskClone Emails into tasks in many of those task apps.  

If our Supported Task Apps table indicates Zapier Conversion, please do the following:

Signup for a free Zapier account. If you use the links from our setup pages, Zapier provides 100 free tasks per month.  Note: to use some task apps, Zapier requires a paid plan (e.g. SugarCRM, Salesforce) .
Open the Zapier Zap for your app.  The link will be shown during the setup process if your app requires Zapier.
You will be prompted to create a unique Zapier Email Address to receive email.  TaskClone will send to this address.
Complete any other required settings specific to your task app (e.g. specified project or list for tasks).
Name your Zap and Turn it on.
In TaskClone Settings, enter your Zapier Email as the Destination Email.

Once configured, all TaskClone Emails will be sent to your Zapier Email where Zapier will convert them into tasks in your task app.  

Note: TaskClone sends emails immediately, but there may be a delay because Zapier only processes every 5-15 minutes.  Also note, Zapier is only free for a limited number of "zaps" per month. By signing up for Zapier from the links in TaskClone setup, you receive 100 free zaps per month.