Evernote to Nozbe Integration - Setup and Use

This article describes setup and use of Nozbe-specific features. For basic usage instructions see TaskClone Basics.

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Setup Steps (screenshots)

TaskClone works by sending tasks to Nozbe via email. For this to work, you'll need to know the email address Nozbe uses to receive tasks.

Note:To speed setup, open your Evernote, Email and Nozbe accounts in your browser.

Click the "Verify Email" link we send to your email when you signup.


Click your source app (i.e. Evernote).

Authorize TaskClone to access your Evernote account. 

Select your task app (i.e. Nozbe).

When prompted for a Destination Email Address, find your Nozbe email address. 
In you Nozbe account, click on the Settings:Integrations
Within Integrations, there are three elements to the Nozbe email - 1) nickname, 2) pin, and 3) @nozbe.me extension. 
Copy that information as it makes up the full Nozbe email.
Back in TaskClone paste the Nozbe Email in as the Destination Email.  Be sure to type the "." between the sections of the Nozbe Email.

Once that's entered, just simply click the Save & Finish button.

Once setup, be sure to follow the simple steps to  clone tasks.

Setup Steps (video)

Using Nozbe Special Features

TaskClone turns tasks you type in Evernote into emails sent to your task app.  Nozbe can read the email subject to add details to your task.

  • Add due date like #January 10
  • Add priority like #!
  • Add assignee like #jake


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