Troubleshooting Google Connection

If you are having difficulty getting TaskClone to work with Google Docs, Google Tasks or Google Calendar, our connection with your Google Account may be the issue.

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You may need revoke and reconnect specific services within your Google Account.  Use the following Google's instructions to manage third-party apps which is summarized below, but Google may change from time to time. Note that:

  • There are separate entries for Google authentication, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google tasks;
  • Don't remove authorization for Google authentication or you may not be able to access your TaskClone with your Google account information;
  • Only remove the authorization you need to reconnect (e.g. Google Drive and Docs if you use those as a source for tasks).

Remove any existing Google authorization


Click your Google image.  You can do this in any Google app (e.g. Gmail, GCal).

Click the "My Account" button. 


Click the "Connected apps & sites" link.


Click the "MANAGE APPS" link.      


Click on "TaskClone".  You may see TaskClone listed multiple times for different services.  Or, it may not be listed which means TaskClone doesn't have an existing authorization.  Be sure you are accessing the correct Google account.


Click the "REMOVE" button.      

Reconnect Google Account

If you haven't already, logout of TaskClone and then follow the instructions below for your goal:

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