Evernote to Wunderlist Integration - Setup and Use

TaskClone's powerful Wunderlist integration is easy to setup and and offers flexibility to send tasks to any Wunderlist list.

IMPORTANT: We connect to Wunderlist in of two ways: Direct & Email.  

  • Direct setup is easier   Inital setup uses this process.
  • Email setup takes a few extra minutes, allows only one Wunderlist list, but allows you to use Wunderlist's Smart Due dates and starred tasks.  

The instructions below cover both.  You can always change your setup method. 

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Wunderlist (direct) setup

Note: For instructions on connecting your Source App before connecting Wunderlist, see Connect Evernote or Connect OneNote.

Click in the search field and find Wunderlist(direct).


Once selected, click the "Connect Wunderlist" button.

Login to Wunderlist in the pop-up window that appears.  

IMPORTANT: You must disable any pop-up blocker to see the pop-up window.

After authorization, you will be prompted to select a Wunderlist List for your tasks.

Click "Save & Finish" button after selecting your list.

Wunderlist (email) setup

Note: You will need access to Wunderlist in a browser to complete this process using Mail-to-Wunderlist.

Select Wunderlist (email) as your destination.

Enter "me@wunderlist.com" as the Destination Email and click "Save & Continue".  Don't change the "me" to something else.  Use it exactly as written.


Register your TaskClone Email with Wunderlist. 

A. During initial setup, copy the TaskClone Email when prompted.  After initial setup, your TaskClone email can be found in Account Info.

B. Go to  Mail-to-Wunderlist (Wunderlist Account Settings and click "Add or manage your email address").

C. Paste your TaskClone Email and click "Add Email" button.

D. Go to your personal email address and click the verification link Wunderlist sends you.

E. Go to Mail to Wunderlist and ensure it's enabled with the checkbox.

Go back to TaskClone and click "Confirm & Finish".

Once setup is complete, be sure to follow the simple steps to  clone tasks.

Using TaskClone with Wunderlist Video

Using Wunderlist Special Features

TaskClone turns tasks you type in Evernote into emails sent to your task app.  Wunderlist can read the email subject to add details to your task.

  • Add an asterisk "*" at the beginning of your tasks and Wunderlist will convert it to a starred task.
  • Add Smart Due Dates to your tasks like "today", "tomorrow" or "next Tuesday".