Send Evernote tasks to multiple apps or destinations

TaskClone allows you to set up additional destinations that you can then select from within Evernote based on tags.  Each destination will apply to the entire note and all its tasks. Some of our clients have different task apps for "home" and "work" or task apps that support sending to different projects and this helps keep them organized.

Note: After the free trial, these features are available only on Professional and above plans.

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Send same task to multiple destinations

The Destination Email field in your TaskClone Dashboard can support up to 3 email addresses separated by commas.  TaskClone will then send each task to each destination.


Choose task destination based on trigger tag

Within Evernote, you simply initiate cloning as normal, but use the trigger tag associated with the destination you want. 



Choose note destination based on trigger tag

If you are cloning note title and not individual tasks, simply add the additional tag to your note to select the destination.  

  • Cloning note titles by tag.  Use "noteclone" and the additional tag on the note (e.g. app4). 


  • Cloning note title by notebook. Place the note in your TaskClone notebook and add the additional tag (e.g. app4).