Adding Task Details - Due dates and more

If supported by your task app, TaskClone helps you easily add due dates, priority, assignees and much more to tasks without ever leaving your notes.  This works the same in all note-taking apps.
TaskClone connects with most apps via email.  Many of these apps allow you to add task details like due dates, priorities and reminders simply by adding certain text to the subject of email.  Because TaskClone converts the tasks in your notes to emails, you can use this capability directly from within your notes.
For example, the following task uses the special syntax of Todoist.

This task would be added to Todoist with:

  • Due date of tomorrow
  • Medium priority (!!)
  • Shopping as the label.

Our  list of Supported Apps tries to keep track of these capabilities for each task app.  Click on the Connection Method in this list for detailed setup instructions and links to the syntax for the most popular apps.  You can also directly check the documentation for your particular app.  

Note: If you are currently setup to connect with your app directly (e.g. Todoist (direct)), you would need to change your task app settings to email (e.g. Todoist (email)) to take advantage of these features. 

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