Use Multiple Destinations and Accounts

As described in How TaskClone Works, each Connection maps how a source app interacts with a destination app. You might want many different interactions. For example:

  • Tasks from my Personal Evernote account map to tasks in my Trello account
  • Tasks from my Business Evernote account map to my Asana account
  • Tasks in my Notion Sales notebook map to my Sales project in Todoist
  • Tasks in my Notion Vacation section map to my Trips project in Todoist
  • Tasks with event data map to Google Calendar

All these examples and many more can be accommodated with different connections. Depending on your subscription plan, you can create unlimited connections to integrate multiple source and destination accounts and the subcategories within those accounts. For example, this feature allows you to set up separate connections for multiple Evernote accounts.

Simply add a connection to map the relationship you want, but make sure you’re connecting the source or destination account you intend.

📌 Note. Depending on your mapping, connections can overlap causing the same note to be processed more than once, but to different destinations. This will send action items once per connection, which is fine (if that’s what you want).

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