Please update your Evernote Apps

TL;DR.  You must update your Evernote apps to the latest version for TaskClone to process checklists (Versions current at least as of June 1, 2022).

Problem: Evernote Changes Break TaskClone Integration

We've worked with Evernote since 2012, and unfortunately grown used to unilateral changes without notification or documentation.  

The latest Evernote changes in May 2022 were major for us as they changed the underlying structure of notes for checklists.  TaskClone uses this structure to identify checklist items and process them to your task app or calendar and the change broke our integration for users whose notes were automatically converted to the new structure.  

Not all users were impacted or at the same time.  According to our communications with Evernote, notes created or opened by the latest Evernote apps (e.g. Windows or web) are converted to the new format.  Notes not created or opened in the new apps are not be converted.  The result was our service stopped working for those who upgraded their Evernote apps and continued to function for those who had not upgraded.

Resolution: Update your Evernote apps to restore TaskClone functionality

Thankfully, after confirming the change with Evernote staff in June, we have now adapted our code to match Evernote's changes.  Whether you previously experienced an interruption in TaskClone service or not, you now need to update your Evernote apps for TaskClone to function.  

Notes created or opened in the latest versions of Evernote should be automatically converted to Evernote's new structure and therefore work correctly with TaskClone.  While we've done testing to ensure our functionality, please let us know of any difficulty so we can report to Evernote or address ourselves.  

Partial Refunds for Lost Service

We value our clients! Despite this issue being caused by Evernote's unilateral and undocumented change, we will refund clients who experienced a disruption in service during any time from May 1, 2022 - Jul 15, 2022.  Simply contact us with a request by May 1, 2023 and we'll check your account to determine whether there was a disruption and it's length.  


As always, feel free to contact us with any questions.