Evernote's New Tasks Feature

Evernote has not yet made its new Tasks feature available to developers so no service, including TaskClone, is able to make use of it yet.

Understandably, we've gotten many inquiries about how to connect with Evernote's new Tasks feature.  For those who of us who have followed Evernote for a long time, this is a extremely welcome addition.  While we don't think Tasks will replace a dedicated task manager for many, it will certainly serve that purpose for some.  

As you are, we are anxious to support Tasks with TaskClone.  Unfortunately, when we posed the question to their Developer Relations staff, we got the following reply, "Tasks is an exciting launch for Evernote and we hope to learn more in the upcoming days/months how users will engage with it. Currently Tasks is not available via the API, and there is currently no date for if/when it will get into the API, but I know it's something the team is looking into as we get more data to help inform how it could work with our API."  This is understandable, but not the answer any of us wanted.

We will update this post as we get more information.

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