Evernote syncing behavior inconsistent

TL;DR.  We are unfortunately experiencing inconsistent sync behavior from Evernote's API which is causing inconsistent processing of tasks. See below for details and solutions.

Normal Situation

The TaskClone process normally works as follows:

  1. Client makes changes to her note(s)
  2. Evernote sends notification to us indicating which note(s) changed
  3. Using the notification information, we perform a search of Evernote API to list the tags on the specific notes indicated
  4. If one of the client's trigger tags are on the note, we process the note to send tasks.
  5. We update the note with a Skip Code.

Current Challenge

Currently, step 3 is not reliably returning all the tags clients have indicated on their notes.  We say reliably because in some cases everything is fine and the trigger tag is found.  In other cases, the tags on the note are not found. 

Likely cause

Although we have not confirmed this with Evernote, we believe the issue is a delay in Evernote updating the "index" they keep of all notes that identifies the metadata of notes (e.g. notebook, tags, created date, etc.).  We have tested this over the last days and some clients have confirmed this delay within Evernote itself by tagging a note and then searching for notes with that tag (e.g. "tag:taskclone").  The recently tagged note does not appear in the search results.

Solutions and workarounds

While we wait for Evernote to respond to our support request, here is what we've done:

  • We are temporarily created a process that will "re-check" notes after some delay to compensate for the delay at Evernote.  This means notes may note be processed for several minutes, but we should get to them.

Ultimately, we expect Evernote will remove this delay as it only recently began occurring.  We are hopeful this fix will come soon.  We will update the top of this announcement as more information becomes available.