Evernote syncing behavior inconsistent

TL;DR.  Most of the issues identified here have been resolved, but the article remains for the useful steps in case of recurrence.

Test TaskClone with notes more than 30 minutes old.  We are unfortunately experiencing inconsistent sync behavior from Evernote's API which is causing inconsistent processing of tasks, particularly from newly created notes. See below for details and solutions.

Normal Situation

The TaskClone process normally works as follows:

  1. Client makes changes to her note(s)
  2. Evernote sends notification to us indicating which note(s) changed
  3. Using the notification information, we perform a search of Evernote API to list the tags on the specific notes indicated
  4. If one of the client's trigger tags are on the note, we process the note to send tasks.
  5. We update the note with a Skip Code.

Current Challenge

Currently, step 2 is not reliably happening when you add a tag to a "newly-created" note.  We're still testing, but it appears "newly-created" means within the last 5 minutes.

Likely cause

With the new Evernote 10 apps, syncing behavior and notifications (webhooks) have been affected.  This did not occur until the new apps over the 8 years we've served Evernote users.

Solutions and workarounds

We are currently in contact with Evernote.  While await for a solution from Evernote, Here is what you can do:

  1. Initially test TaskClone with an older note.  This should avoid the issue altogether.
  2. If working on a newly created note, wait 3-5 minutes before adding the trigger tag initially . 
  3. If you can't wait, make some small edit after adding the trigger tag (e.g. add a word).  Apparently, textual edits still trigger notifications as usual.  Be careful not to add too many changes after the tag to Avoid Conflicting Modifications.

Additionally, we have recently implemented a process that will "re-check" notes after some delay to compensate for Evernote not sending a notification.  This means notes may not be processed for several minutes, but we should get to them.

Ultimately, we expect Evernote will fix this issue as it only recently began occurring with the change to Evernote 10.0.  We are hopeful this fix will come soon.  We will update the top of this announcement as more information becomes available.

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