Evernote Checklists Not Processing

TL;DR.  We have just confirmed that Evernote has permanently changed the underlying code structure for checklists within notes which has broken our integration.  We are currently adapting our code and will release an update as soon as the changes are complete and tested.

Pains of Progress

We've worked with Evernote since 2012, and unfortunately grown used to unilateral changes without notification.  The latest is a major one for us as it changes the underlying structure of notes in how checklists and whether they are checked or unchecked.  TaskClone uses this structure to identify checklist items and process them to your task app or calendar.

The Bad News

Until we adapt our code, TaskClone will not function with checklists in Evernote.  Initially, this only impacted clients who had updated their Evernote apps since May 2022, but we've been informed this will soon impact all Evernote users.  This should not effect processing Evernote note titles and does not effect other source apps (OneNote, Google Docs).

The Good News

The new structure Evernote is using is an improvement and should be easier to deal with, more consistent and should minimize errors.  However, because they are providing no documentation for this change, we need to test our code changes thoroughly to ensure this is true and that we address any oddities we find in processing real world notes.

Update: June 27, 2022

After a bit of a delay confirming the changed structure, we are midway in getting our integration back and running.  We are now consistently extracting tasks from the new format.  We need to make sure we are sending correctly (relatively easy) and that when we update notes back to Evernote they match the right structure in all cases (hard).  Of course, then we need time for testing.  Absent any major setbacks, we definitely expect to be done in July, but probably not the first week in July.