OneNote line spacing problems

Using TaskClone may result in removal of extra lines you have added to OneNote pages.


OneNote's API is built to try to prevent 3rd parties from introducing malicious code into their system.  One of the ways they accomplish this is to designate formatting rules and ignore or modify any code that modifies those rules.  When TaskClone processes OneNote pages, it doesn't alter anything but the line that to-dos are on and only modifies those lines by adding a Skip Code.  However, when we submit the modified page back to OneNote, the extra spaces that users have added are removed by the OneNote API because they don't match the formatting rule established by Microsoft.

What is the impact?

From our experience and from communications with Microsoft over the years, only line spacing should be impacted.  .

What can I do?

We tried to get Microsoft to modify this rule, but to no avail.  It's possible if they here from enough customers they could modify it, but they consider it a security issue.

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