IMPORTANT - New Evernote Versions

New Evernote Versions released recently require change in TaskClone usage.

Evernote version 10 is out on all major platforms except Android.  Unfortunately, these new apps to do not send update notifications to TaskClone the same as before.

What you must do

Unlike all of our previous advice, you now need to add some very small edit AFTER adding the Trigger Tag to the note.  


For some reason, Evernote's service no longer sends us change notifications after adding a tag.  This means if you add the tag as the last edit to your note, we don't get notified of the note and TaskClone does nothing.  Therefore you need to add something in the body of the note afterward.  We are working with Evernote to see if they will correct this behavior.


Do not add the Trigger Tag at the beginning of editing a note.  Add it second to last.  After the Trigger Tag, add something brief like a space or letter is best.  This prevents a situation where you are adding text while TaskClone is processing the note also.  That will create a conflict of which note is current that then you will need to resolve.

As always contact us with any questions