Google Docs to Remember the Milk Connection - Setup and Use

Setup Google Docs to send action items to Remember the Milk with our easy setup wizard.  Then, watch TaskClone copy tasks from Google Docs to Remember the Milk in 30 seconds.

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Google Docs to Remember the Milk setup steps

1. Select Google Docs

Click the Google Docs icon to select it as your source of tasks and events.


2. Connect Google Docs

Note: Google Docs setup requires a two-step process to 1) connect your account, and 2) authorize access to specific Docs.  

Grant permission to connect TaskClone to your Google Drive/Docs account.  You will authorize access to specific Docs in a later step.  Be sure you're authorizing the specific Google Docs account you want to use. When you are returned to TaskClone, click "Next" to continue.


3. Select Remember the Milk as your destination

Click the Remember the Milk icon if visible or select Remember the Milk using search field. Click “Next” button to save and continue.


4. Find your Remember the Milk Email Address

Login to Remember the Milk in different browser tab, locate and copy the unique email address where Remember the Milk will receive and process the tasks we send. Learn more.


5. Enter Destination Email for Remember the Milk 

Paste unique email from Remember the Milk in the Destination Email field that appears in the TaskClone setup wizard.  


6. Finish 

Click Finish button.  You're now connected, but there is one more step.


7. Authorize Individual Google Documents

Because Google Docs requires granting access to each specific Doc you want us to process, we've built a simple Google Docs Add-on to make that easy from within Google Docs.  Install our Google Docs Add-on just once (see instructions) and then use the add-on whenever you want to grant access to one or more Google Docs (see instructions). 


Google Docs to Remember the Milk usage

In addition to the video below, we have detailed Google Docs usage instructions summarizing all that can be done using Google Docs with Remember the Milk.


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