Clone Google Docs Titles

Easily clone Google Docs Title to your favorite task app as tasks.  TaskClone also clones Google Docs checklist tasks as tasks. 

Note: You must first authorize TaskClone to access each Google Doc you want us to process.

Cloning Google Docs Titles

3 Easy steps (see example image below)
  1. Find or create a Google Document.
  2. Add "#noteclone" in the document to initiate the process.  Add anywhere, but on its own line.
  3. Sync/Save Changes.  Google Docs will sync automatically in the background, usually in less than 10 seconds.

When Google Docs Syncs > TaskClone is notified to copy the document title and sent it to your task app. 

When TaskClone is finished > it removes the "#noteclone" trigger tag.

Important! Do not edit the note again until you see the trigger tag is removed.  Also, TaskClone will only process the same doc once every 2 minutes.

Note: Cloning doc titles takes priority over individual tasks which means TaskClone will not process individual tasks from a doc if the page title is being processed instead.