Authorize Google Documents

Google Docs requires you separately authorize us to access each doc you want us to process.

Google Docs authorization Steps

Note: Steps 1 is completed during TaskClone account setup and Steps 1 & 2 only need to be completed once. Please disable any pop-up blockers and complete Steps 2 and 3 in a desktop browser.  Please contact us if you have any challenges.

  1. Connect your Google Docs account to TaskClone | Completed already during initial setup
  2. Install TaskClone Google Docs Add-on | Allows easy document-specific authorization within Google Docs
  3. Authorize individual Google Documents | Process used by Add-on to authorize specific doc(s)


1. Connect your Google Docs account to TaskClone

This step is completed during initial setup for a new TaskClone account or by adding Google Docs as a Source application to an existing TaskClone account.

Note: You must complete this step before using our Google Docs Add-on.  You will be prompted to grant access to your Google Drive & Google Docs account, but on a per-file only basis.  This means you will need to separately authorize each file you want us to process which is a protection of your security.

Also, for your security, Google authorizes access to each Google service separately.  Therefore, although you may have already authorized TaskClone access to Google Tasks or Calendar, authorization for Google Docs is separate.

Select Google Docs at Quickstart setup


Add Google Docs as new source


Authorize TaskClone to access files you select


2. Install TaskClone Google Docs Add-on

Install the TaskClone Google Docs Add-on from a desktop browser while you're logged into the Google Account you want to use.  You can find the TaskClone Google Docs Add-on through the "Add-ons" menu in Google Docs or simply click here.  Click "Install" to allow the add-on to be install in Google Docs.



3. Authorize individual Google Documents

Note: This step must be completed for each Google Document you want TaskClone to process and requires steps 1 & 2 have been completed once.

A. Access "TaskClone: Select & Authorize" from the Add-ons menu in Google Docs.



B. Select the file(s) you want TaskClone to be able to process going forward.



C. Close the separate tab/window to return to Google Docs.

Once this process is complete, TaskClone will be notified and process any tasks added to the documents authorized.


Usage Instructions and Related Resources