Avoiding Evernote Conflicting Modifications

Simple Answer. NEVER edit a note while TaskClone could be processing that note.  If you're processing individual tasks, this means anytime a trigger tag is on the note.  If you're processing note titles/Reminders, it means before the note has been tagged "cloned" or "scheduled".

Detailed Answer.  Conflicting modifications are Evernote's way to deal with version control issues.   If you continue to edit a note in your app while TaskClone is also editing the same note on Evernote's servers (e.g., to add Skip Codes or "cloned" tag), it will likely result in a Conflicting Modification.  This happens because Evernote doesn't know which version is correct, so it provides both and let's you choose. 

You know a note is "safe" to edit when the trigger tag is gone or the note is tagged "cloned"/"scheduled" because the note already has all of TaskClone's changes.

In practice, just follow our instructions to initiate the cloning process when you're done editing the note for at least the next 30 minutes.  This gives Evernote's auto-sync enough time to sync any changes to the note before you start editing again.  After auto-sync, TaskClone's changes will automatically be reflected the next time you open the note.  If you can't wait, you can edit the note sooner by manually syncing the changes after TaskClone processes the note.

Note: TaskClone typically processes notes in under 1 minute, but for a variety of reasons, we have a 2-minute rule where TaskClone will not process the same note within 2 minutes.

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