OneNote Intermittent Service Outtage

Update August 9, 2020

After about a month of testing and observing the experience of new clients, it appears the mitigation strategy Microsoft employed has worked well for new clients and has only experienced intermittent delays of a hour or so for some.  We are not ready to declare victory yet, so we'll keep this notice active as we watch developments further.

Update June 29, 2020

Microsoft has deployed a mitigation strategy and we are testing to ensure it works for our clients.  This is not a permanent resolution, but should resolve the issues our clients are facing..

Update June 10, 2020

Microsoft has developed an interim fix and is awaiting internal approvals to deploy.

Update June 8, 2020

Microsoft has been working internally to address the issue and indicated they are testing a interim fix.  We hope to hear results of their testing with a week or two.

Update - May 5, 2020

Wish we had more substantive response, but here is update from Microsoft.  

"Unfortunately, the issue below has not been fixed yet. We are currently escalating with the appropriate teams in order to expedite the process. As we muddle through this complex issue, please advise if the customer encounters any additional issues or heightened pain."

Update - April 20, 2020

The issue we are facing is now limited to OneNote Personal Accounts.  For OneNote Business, Education, Non-profit accounts, we are operating as normal without issues.  We are still awaiting an update from Microsoft regarding OneNote Personal Accounts.

Primary Issue - March 20, 2020

Microsoft has had a recurring, but intermittent issue dating back to fall 2019 where searches of their system do not return pages created recently.  This results in services that rely on processing recently created pages like TaskClone to fail.  

In the case of TaskClone, we send a search request looking for pages with your trigger tag.  This Microsoft failure results in no pages being found from that search at which point the TaskClone process stops.  In working with other developers, "recently" could be within the last hours or within the last couple of months.  Pages created months ago seem working fine and for some clients, there is no issue at all.  Based on previous Microsoft responses, the issue is related to where pages are stored and since different clients have pages stored in different locations, the issue is not impacting all evenly.

Along with many other developers, we are working with Microsoft to get this resolved.  In recent communications, they have indicated to us that COVID 19 responses are taking priority but they are still investigating the issue.  

We will provide any updates in this announcement and remove the announcement when the issue is resolved.