Create OneNote page from OneNote tasks

Easily create a new OneNote page note from each item in an OneNote checklist.

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OneNote can turn incoming emails into pages in your OneNote account.  OneNote uses a generic email address of for this purpose.  You can configure TaskClone with this email address so that tasks created in OneNote become pages by being sent to this address.


Setup Steps

1. Select OneNote (email) 

On initial setup or when adding a destination, select this as your destination.


2. Copy your unique TaskClone email address

It's in the format: and you'll be prompted to do so.


3. Register your TaskClone email address with OneNote

Go to and click the "Add another address" link.


4. Verify the registration

Click the verify link that appears after you add your TaskClone email.  An email from Microsoft will be sent to your TaskClone email (e.g. and we will forward it to your login email (e.g.  Click the verification link in the email to confirm.


5. Checkmark the email address at Microsoft

Click the checkmark next to the verified email address to let Microsoft know to process emails coming from TaskClone.


6. Enter as the Destination Email address

Back in TaskClone setup, enter as the destination where TaskClone will send tasks.


7. Save settings & finish



Once you're setup, use our instructions to clone OneNote checklist tasks.  OneNote will convert our emails into pages in your OneNote account.  You can even specify a notebook. Learn More.








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