Setup additional destinations

Configure up to 50 destinations for your action items.  

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What You'll Need

To add destinations, you need to know:

  1. The destination app you want to use
  2. The destination email or login information to connect TaskClone to that app
  3. The name of a unique trigger tag you'd like to use to trigger items being sent to that destination

TaskClone primarily sends tasks by email, but destination apps have different methods to receive tasks or events.  When you select a destination app, TaskClone will walk you through the steps needed for that app which may include a Destination Email address to send your tasks.  Note: TaskClone currently only supports one Calendar destination.


Adding Destinations

On the Destinations screen, simply click the "+ADD" button to launch the configuration wizard.  The steps are the same as when you change destination settings



The number and type of destinations is limited by plan type.  During your free trial, you will have access to everything and can add the maximum number of destinations (i.e., 50).  After the trial, you may not see all the destinations you added if you purchase a plan that does not support all the destinations you created. See our Plans Detail and Pricing for a comparison of destinations supported. 








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