Getting Personalized Help

We find that you can resolve most issues yourself with proper guidance, but please don't hesitate to contact our responsive and helpful customer service if you get stuck.

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Self Help

We are constantly updating our support articles to provide guidance and support.  You can click the blue "?" in the bottom right on any page of our website to access our support system.  Based on the page you're on, we're adding suggested articles so you may not even need to search.  Our full support center is available


When to contact support

Anytime.  We pride ourselves on responding by email within 24 hours during workdays and often on weekends/holidays.  

That said, some issues are more likely to need our intervention than others.  You should assume that the service is operating normally for most clients.  This means if you are setup properly and following our usage instructions, the service should work.  The dashboard should also function as indicated in our setup instructions.  

If you are following our instructions, but unsuccessful, please contact us immediately and don't waste a bunch of time trying to solve it yourself.


Helping support help you.

It's true.  A picture is worth a 1,000 words and a video is worth about a 100.000.  You can speed up the support process tremendously with:

  1. Screenshots.  Any error, note that's not processing. We recommend Jing, but there are many free tools.
  2. Video.  Setup steps, button/links not functioning. We recommend Zoom because it's free can do so much more. 
  3. Javascript console. This is the history of things happening on a webpage that you cannot see.  You can open this console and share any errors seen while on our site.  Open Javascript Console in most browsers.


Bug Bounties

Software errors or bugs are a part of modern life.  Even with teams of engineers, Microsoft, Google and all the rest deal with bugs.  We're a small team, but we try to prevent them, find them and squash them as quickly as possible.  If you're the first to find a bug and help us resolve it through interaction with our team, we will give you a year of free service.   You'll also have our gratitude and the gratitude of everyone who uses the service.







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