TaskCam Usage Tips

Learn the best strategies for consistent handwriting recognition with TaskCam.


TaskCam's handwriting recognition currently works with English only, but can handle both hand-print and cursive writing styles.  The recognition engine is much better with English words than random text or symbols.  This is the reason we use "do" and "due" instead of checkboxes or some other symbols that would not be recognized reliably.  


Use these tips to improve recognition accuracy and  consistency

  1. Be a bit more careful when writing key words like "do" or "due".  If these aren't recognized, no action item is processed.  If other words are mis-recognized, you can usually figure it out from the image copy we send with the action item.  The system doesn't really like symbols so write them the most carefully (e.g. @)
  2. Use consistent vertical spacing between lines.  Don't let a "y" on one line touch the "t" on the line below.
  3. Use consistent horizontal spacing.  The system is looking for natural gaps between words on a line and may misinterpret long gaps between words
  4. Don't indent lines.  Start all lines at the left-most margin for best results
  5. Hand-print is easier to recognize than cursive if you can effectively write in hand-print
  6. Small angles are OK, but don't write with an angle or slant of more the 30 degrees from flat.  You can always adjust how you take the picture to remove the angle