TaskCam Usage Basics

Quickly snap photos of your notes to extract action items.

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What is TaskCam?

TaskCam is a cross-platform web app that works on modern mobile devices connected to the Internet (e.g. iOS, Android, Win 10).  It operates like any other website, so there is no separate app to download.  

TaskCam can access either the camera or photo gallery on most devices to capture images of your notes.  Those captured images are sent to our TaskClone service where we:

  1. Use powerful handwriting recognition to process the images
  2. Extract lines starting with "do" as tasks and lines starting with "due" as events
  3. Send the tasks to your task app and the events to your calendar.

The setup process makes sure we know who you are and where you want your action items sent.  Initially, you can only setup one destination, but ultimately you can have as many as 50.  

Tip: You can do this setup entirely on mobile, but it's often better to use a desktop or laptop computer.


Launching TaskCam

Goto https://taskcam.taskclone.com to launch the TaskCam app.  If you're on mobile, you can probably point your device camera at the QR code below and be redirected to the same destination.  This same QR code is also shown in the TaskClone Dashboard under "Sources: TaskCam".


Using TaskCam

1. Write your action items

Write each action item on its own line using "do" for tasks and "due" for events.

TaskCam's handwriting recognition currently works with English only, but can handle both hand-print and cursive writing styles.  The recognition engine is much better with English words than random text or symbols.  This is the reason we use "do" and "due" instead of checkboxes or some other symbols that would not be recognized reliably. 

Note: For events, you must first set up Google Calendar as a destination. Use natural language and the recognition engine will interpret the event details.


2. Snap a photo

Tapping the white button on the app will either:

  1. Immediately snap a photo; or
  2. Open the native camera app where you can snap a photo.

Once taken, a thumbnail of the photo will appear in the bottom left with an orange number indicating the number of photos taken.  Although TaskCam can process multiple photos at one time, it's best to start small.  Be sure your photo include at least one line with the word "do" (for a task) or "due" (for an event) - See Helpful Tips.


3. Edit your image

Tap either the thumbnail or the "Edit" link in the top right to proceed to the Edit screen.  If the image is perfect, simply tap the "Send" link in the upper right to proceed to the Send screen.  Otherwise, tap the rotatecrop or delete icon to edit your image.  


Once an image is selected, tap the rotate icon to rotate the image 90 degrees counter clockwise until the orientation is correct for portrait-mode reading.  Once correct, tap the checkmark to indicate you're finished rotating.


Once an image is selected, use the boundary handles to specify the portion of the image you want to keep.  Don't worry about being precise as long as you are not capturing characters you do not want us to process.  Once correct, tap the checkmark to indicate you're finished cropping.


4. Send to Destination

TL;DR. 1) Login, 2) Select destination; and 3) Tap "Send"

For all the previous steps, you don't need to be logged in to your TaskClone account or even connected to the Internet. This will allow you to quickly snap photos even when you have no internet connection.  

However, to actually send the images for processing, you need to be logged into your TaskClone account, so we can load your destinations.  Typically, one login will last several hours.

Once you're done editing, tap the "Send" link in the top right of the Edit screen.  If you are not logged-in, you'll be prompted to do so.  You may need to tap the Edit and then Send links again once you're logged in.

You should then see this Send screen where you can tap a drop-down list to see each destination stored in your TaskClone account.

Simply select your desired destination and tap the "Send" button.  After a few seconds of processing, you'll be given an option to snap more photos or open TaskCam settings.  This lets you know your images were sent properly.


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