TaskCam Setup

Setup TaskCam and your TaskClone account to process action items from your handwritten notes.

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What is TaskCam?

TaskCam is a cross-platform web app that works on modern mobile devices connected to the Internet (e.g. iOS, Android, Win 10).  It operates like any other website, so there is no separate app to download.  

TaskCam can access either the camera or photo gallery on most devices to capture images of your notes.  Those captured images are sent to our TaskClone service where we:

  1. Use powerful handwriting recognition to process the images
  2. Extract lines starting with "do" as tasks and lines starting with "due" as events
  3. Send the tasks to your task app and the events to your calendar.

The setup process makes sure we know who you are and where you want your action items sent.  Initially, you can only setup one destination, but ultimately you can have as many as 50.  

Tip: You can do this setup entirely on mobile, but it's often better to use a desktop or laptop computer.


TaskCam setup steps

1. Select TaskCam / Paper

Once you sign-up to the TaskClone service, tap the TaskCam icon to select it as your source of tasks and events.


2. Configure your destination

Select the primary destination where you want action items sent.  

Each destination is a bit different, but our setup wizard will guide you through the steps needed for each destination we support and prompt you to click the "Finish" button at the end.  See our TaskCam Usage Basics once setup is complete.

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