Using TaskClone with Zapier - Connect dozens of apps

Zapier adds many additional apps to the dozens natively supported by TaskClone.

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TaskClone works primarily by sending emails where:

  • The subject contains the task 
  • The body contains other information like links to the underlying note where the task originated

Zapier is an online service that can receive our emails and process them into dozens of task management, project management and other software.  


How to find your app

If TaskClone doesn't have native support for an app, Use this link to search all the 1500+ apps supported by Zapier by category or name.

Some of our client favorites include:

Google Tasks Flow Podio
Jira Azendoo Redmine


Setup Zapier

1. Select Email by Zapier

Once you create a free Zapier Account, Select their Email by Zapier app which we'll use to process TaskClone emails.


2. Customize your Zapier email address

This is the email address you will add into TaskClone settings and that we will send your tasks.   You can copy it to the clipboard at this step and add to TaskClone later.  

Tip: You can have multiple different Zapier email addresses to send tasks to multiple different destinations.


3. Connect your Destination app

Select any app that Zapier supports.  We chose Google Tasks for this demo despite our intention to support Google Tasks directly soon.You will need to login to your destination app and authorize Zapier to create tasks for you.


4. Select your Action

Zapier offers many different actions depending on the destination app.  For most, you'll select "Create task", "Add task" or something similar.


5. Customize the inputs

Here's where you designate the different parameters added from the email to the result task.  We recommend making 1) the email subject the title of the task and 2) the email body the note or description of your task.  You can always change these settings later.


That's it!

You now have a Zapier Zap where our emails will be the trigger and a new task in your destination will be the action.


Using TaskClone with Zapier

Choose Zapier as a Destination

Whether initial setup or adding a new destination, simply select Zapier from the list of supported apps in our setup wizard.


Enter the Zapier Email

Enter the Zapier email address customized in Step 2 above as the Destination Email within our setup wizard and the complete the wizard to setup this destination.  

Tip: For ease of remembering, customize your trigger tag after initial setup to identify the name of the destination app you are targeting, e.g., GTasks.


Using TaskClone with Zapier

Once set up as above, just use TaskClone as normal (see Instructions) and TaskClone and Zapier take care of the rest in the background.  As of this writing, Zapier provides 100 free task executions per month.  See Zapier Plans.








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