How TaskClone Works

TaskClone helps you stay on top of action items by easily getting them OUT OF your notes and IN TO a more powerful task app or calendar.   We call this process "cloning" as the original action item remains in your notes (OneNote and Evernote supported).

How it works



TaskClone extracts the following tasks from notes:

  • Individual to-dos indicated by a checkbox in notes tagged with a "trigger" tag (e.g. "taskclone")
  • Notes tagged "noteclone"
  • Notes added to a notebook you name "TaskClone" (Evernote only)

TaskClone sends these tasks via email:

  • The email subject is the to-do or note title
  • The email body is a link back to the original note

Your task app then converts these emails to tasks

Note:  TaskClone supports 40+ task apps, mostly via email.  If your app can receive tasks via email, TaskClone should work. Some apps have a direct connection and for others, workarounds are necessary.  Please first try to find your app in our list of Supported Task Apps for more details, including special features available with many apps.

Note:  Because TaskClone sends tasks via email, we can do many interesting tricks:

  • Send a copy of tasks to your personal or other email
  • Send tasks to your Evernote email address to create a note from each individual task
  • Using other services like IFTTT, connect with other apps like iOS Reminders



TaskClone extracts the events from Evernote and OneNote notes:

  • Events written in natural language preceded by a checkbox, "sch: "


TaskClone directly creates events in  Google Calendar and others.