Change task app settings

This article walks through changing Task App Settings.  

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To function, TaskClone needs two things:

  1. The destination to send your tasks
  2. The "trigger" used to initiate the process

TaskClone primarily sends tasks by email, but task apps have different methods to receive tasks.  When you select a destination app, TaskClone will walk you through the steps needed for that app which will include what Destination Email address to send your tasks.  

Basic Settings

Overwrite the default destination.  You can simply type over the default task app to search for a new one or click the "Clear button" at the bottom of the page and TaskClone will clear the existing app settings so you can choose a different one.  
Note: If you do not save your new settings, TaskClone will revert to your existing ones.
Deleting Apps:  All destinations other than the default have a "Delete" button to remove the entire tab.


Enter Task Destination Email.  Again, just overwrite what is there if needed.  


Enter Trigger Tag.  Enter the Evernote tag or OneNote trigger word you will add to your notes to initiate sending tasks to this destination (case-insensitive).

OneNote Users: DO NOT add a hashtag "#" here in Settings, You only add the "#" in your notes (e.g. #taskclone). See usage instructions.


Save Settings.  Be sure to save settings and refresh your screen to ensure your tag status is Active.  If tag status is not Active, please repeat Step 3 or contact us.   

Advanced Settings

To access, click the link that toggles display of Advanced Settings.  Be sure to save any changes.

Note Link Type

The default is to include both hyperlinks (e.g. http://) and App links (evernote:/// ) in the description of your tasks.  Hyperlinks open in your internet browser and App links open the local app (e.g. desktop app).

Note:  Your task app controls whether the links we provide are converted to clickable links in their app.  In fact, sometimes a link is clickable on some platforms (e.g. Mac) and not another (e.g. Android).   

Task Defaults

Remember, TaskClone sends tasks via email with the title of the task as the email subject.   Any text you add in the Task Defaults field is added to the end of the email subject.  For example, adding "@work" would be processed as a label in Todoist.  Several apps have special syntax to create labels, priorities, tags, etc. See also  Adding Task Details.

Task Notation

This optional text is appended before your task title and is used to identify that the task came your Source App (i.e. Evernote or OneNote).  For some, this is useful information to see quickly while viewing tasks in their task app.







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