Top 5 TaskClone Setup Mistakes

Here's what our client support team tells us

  1. Wrong Destination email.  Client either a) misspells the email in the Destination field, b) inputs an inappropriate email like their personal email address, c) includes unnecessary text/brackets (e.g. Master<>) instead of just, or d) they modify what should be "" to "".  Simply login and change task app settings to fix this.
  2. Omit Email Registration.  Some apps will require you to register the email address that TaskClone uses to send your tasks.  This email address is unique to your account and is either provided during setup of apps that require it or found in Settings:Account Info.  If there is any difficulty registering the email please contact us.
  3. Wrong Evernote or OneNote account.  During initial setup, some clients authorize an account that is not the one they normally use.  Be sure the you want to connect is indicated in the authorization form.  If you are unsure, please contact us for help. 
  4. Don't watch our videos.  For the most popular apps, we've created setup videos that address everything above.  They're designed to be < 2min and prevent problems.  Definitely use the video if you're having a problem.

That's right, we removed #5, so there are only 4 now.

Note: The issues above represent 95% of those that occur.  If it's not these, please contact us for help. We'll get back to you in less than 24 hours.

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