Clone OneNote Page Titles

Easily clone OneNote page titles to your favorite task app.  TaskClone also  clones OneNote checklist tasks as tasks into your task app. 

Cloning OneNote Page Titles

3 Easy steps
  1. Find or create a OneNote Page.  
  2. Add "#noteclone" in the page to initiate the process. Add anywhere on the page except in a table.  NOTE: the noteclone tag is built-in to TaskClone so please do not add it to TaskClone settings.
  3. Sync/Save Changes.  OneNote will sync automatically in the background, usually in less than 5 minutes

When OneNote Syncs > TaskClone is notified and sends the page title to your task app. 

When TaskClone is finished > it replaces the "#noteclone" with "#noteclone-cloned" to indicate the page title has been cloned.  You must sync again or wait for OneNote's auto-sync to see the changes TaskClone has made.

Important! Do not edit the note again until you see the trigger tag is replaced  Also, TaskClone will only process the same page once every 2 minutes.

Note: Cloning page titles takes priority over individual tasks which means TaskClone will not process individual tasks from a page if the page title is being processed instead. 

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